• For You1:30
  • You're The Kind of Girl1:30
  • Complete In You1:30
  • I Love You, I Do1:30
  • All I Wanna Know1:22
  • Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic1:10
  • Keep On Running (ft. Katie Eck)1:06
  • Without You1:19
  • Hold On (ft. Strid Iron)1:09
  • Feel The Way I Feel1:30
  • Air That I Breathe0:50
  • Complete In You (reprise)0:21

Studio Projects

  • For You1:30
  • For You (The Flood Zone Remix)1:30

  • Perfect Love (ft. Reel Life)1:11
  • I Can Love Again1:26
  • Love Ya Too Much1:19
  • Reflection1:28
  • Neva Too Late1:13
  • To Be With You1:23
  • I'm Falling (ft. Katie Eck & Skip-Dawg)1:22
  • You And Me1:25
  • We're All In This Together1:25
  • Waiting1:30
  • Take A Ride (ft. Dann J. Broyld & Roger Ryan)1:30



  • To Be With You1:23

  • Perfect Love (ft. Reel Life)1:11
  • Perfect Love (radio edit)1:27
Jason Blake

Store & Radio Links

  • Shine A Light (ft. R.J.)1:25
  • Luv of My Life (ft. Christa Rose)1:30
  • I Miss My Time1:25
  • Dreams With Wings1:28
  • Precious Lord0:50
  • There's A Party (ft. Ell-C, Montray & Christa Rose)1:21